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When people think of Texas, they think of dessert, cowboys, and fun: and nowhere does that quite like El Paso. This famous city has been at the heart of countless songs, stories, movies, and so much more, and if you’re ready for your own cowboy experience, you’ll have to come here to find it.

These are the most Texan things to do in El Paso and what sets this city apart from the rest of the Lone Star State.

1. Check Out the Great Food

Tex-Mex is a term that people fondly use for Mexican food in Texas because it has an abundance of cheese and sour cream that make it different from most of the states in Mexico. El Paso’s food is a little more reliably close to the original dishes since this border town has a fantastic mixture of both classic American and Mexican styles and flavors.

The food here can bring you comfort or can be spicy enough to leave you running for the nearest watering hole. The flavor and love come through in every bite, though!

2. Explore the Mission Trail Drive

Missions are one of the longstanding reminders of this state’s history with Spanish colonization. Although this is a painful past that has changed how many cultures experience religion, it’s also an important reminder of the people who have lived here for hundreds of years and indigenous people who have called this land home for eons.

The Mission Trail Drive lets you visit and learn about several 300-year-old Spanish missions and the tense relationship many locals have with them.

3. Catch a Live Show

If you love live concerts and musicals, it’s time to pause looking at El Paso houses for sale and start over to The Plaza Theater. This performing arts theater is a historic part of the city and puts on shows every week to stun and entertain visitors. There’s even said to be a ghost here!

4. Don’t Miss the Rodeo

There’s nothing more Texan than a rodeo! El Paso’s annual rodeo brings in farmers, businesses, food, and visitors from around the world and puts on a show unlike any other. From lassoing and cattle wrangling, to live performances from world-famous singers and musicians, you’ll feel stunned and starstruck by the time you leave. This is one of the best places to go for a rodeo that feels like a cultural movement and a connection to what Texas has always been.

5. Take On the Honky Tonk Night Life

If you want to boot scoot boogie, and have some fun, it’s time to check out the nightlife in El Paso! From the multiple square dancing clubs to the awesome bars and lounges, you can find something that matches what you want to drink and what type of fun you want to have!

You can visit for more.

This city comes alive the moment the sun goes down, so don’t think the fun is over just because the daylight is!

El Paso Will Blow You Away!

If you’re ready for a real cowboy experience, you’ll find nothing better than what El Paso has to offer! This fantastic city has everything from dancing to one of the best rodeos in the world, so make sure to visit soon!

Thomas Jacob

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