Team building blunders that you must avoid at all cost


One of the best ways to improve the quality of staff that you work with apart from training is taking them through team building events. There are a lot of organizations that bore their staff with the daily routines and without any break to rejuvenate their energy and perspective; you might start getting low productivity in their output. Arranging for quality team building activities is ideal to make sure you enjoy the ideal team building project for better working environment. These here are however a few blunders that could challenge the success of your team building activities.

Ignoring differing abilities

This is the most commonly made mistake by team building event organizers. You should know that not all the staff you bring to the event has the same abilities. Factors like age, gender, health and psych matter because ultimately your staff should be actively engaged during the day. Choose activities that favor everyone in your group regardless of their health, age or gender. The personal preferences of the staff will obviously differ but you must choose what is best for the group rather than a few individuals.

Promoting cliques

Every work place has employees working in cliques or groups they segment themselves in. you might get the young people working together while the old deserting the young from their hangout and conversations. Discourage such segmentation ideas for your team building to show your staff how you want things to be. Group them out among new staff to better their communication and interpersonal relationship.

No clear objectives

Once you know the objectives of your team building activity to be, letting your staff know some of them might work out in your favor. A team building process that is not focused around any goals might culminate to waste of organization resources and time. You must communicate your aim and have your team understand the same before starting out the day for better response and outcome.

Thomas Jacob

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