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What’s the point of specifying this? For the reason that there are many videos and instructions on how to play online poker in Hyper or Turbo timing in order to maximize wins in the shortest amount of time.

This kind of instruction, particularly if you are just starting out, should be avoided at all costs, especially if it instructs you to increase your profits by ten in a matter of minutes. Poker was not meant to be used in this manner, and the enjoyment of the game quickly fades away, giving place to anxiety and tension.

Don’t spend a lot of money on your games, particularly in the early stages

Online poker games, particularly the initial ones, will very frequently influence how you will play during the subsequent ones, and your subconscious will use them to establish a loss limit, which will most often be too late in the game. This is particularly significant in the case of online Idn poker.

Is this the ultimate trap?

Don’t be concerned about what you are willing to lose during your first game, and when you reach the conclusion of your game, if you have lost your first deposit of $100, understand that you cannot afford to lose these $100. Your mind is already racing after lost gains, completely forgetting that you still have the potential to lose. Unfortunately, this is the most frequent scenario in which people lose money playing games of chance. Before you know it, you’ve reached the end of your rope.

The Necessities

It is thus necessary to establish oneself a limit that will not be surpassed before you begin playing and to adhere to that restriction. When it comes to playing online poker, setting limits is fundamental, and if you follow just one of our suggestions for getting started, we recommend that you attempt this one.

Know when to quit, even if you’re on top. When you win in poker, the same strategies that you used to win apply. Indeed, winning at poker is very rewarding and compensates players for putting in many hours of effort. Most of the time, we have an excess of confidence, which causes us to bind the parties together, which is in direct opposition to the advice given above.

Set restrictions on how much you can win as well. Being successful in winning between 7 and 15 percent of your original wager is an excellent result, and your session should come to a stop at that point. A well-deserved rest is in order.

The Most Valuable Points

Make an effort to limit your gaming activities to short bursts. Take a short rest at the conclusion of each game and try not to play for more than 15 to 25 minutes each session.

Concentration is just as good as our skills allow it to be. Everyone’s level of attention decreases considerably after these 20 minutes, and it is for this reason that the games should not be connected together as a result.

Again, poker is not a game of chance like, for example, roulette; poker requires genuine attention abilities.


Don’t get taken in by other players’ antics. Starting off, particularly in online poker, you let yourself to be affected by the pseudonyms of other players, which is a bad idea. Why? Once again, the subconscious is at work. We’re used to forming an opinion about someone or anything based just on their name.

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