Effect of marijuana from youth to adulthood 


When it comes to marijuana, it has several health benefits. However, excess use can cause real harm to the individual. For different health conditions, physicians suggest the use of marijuana. Also, in several medicines, marijuana is commonly used. Nowadays, cannabis delivery is convenient. While sitting at home, you can enjoy the different products of marijuana. Consuming marijuana more than excess imparts various adverse effects to human health. Some of them are listed below,

Long term effect: 

For different age groups people, marijuana has various effects. Apart from the memory problem, it has a long-term effect on dopamine. The production of neurotransmitters regulates the pleasure and reward part of the brain. When you consume marijuana in excess amount, it compromises dopamine. In an experiment, it was seen that people who smoked more marijuana had a lower level of dopamine release in the region that controls attention and impulsive behavior. Individuals who started smoking pot at age 16 become dependent on marijuana by the 20 age. After that, they started to consume marijuana daily. In many countries, the use of marijuana is banned because it imparts different problems in adulthood.

Heart conditions: 

In many problems or diseases, a person becomes physically affected. However, these conditions don’t have any psychological effect. You should know that marijuana smoke contains some toxic chemicals that damage the bronchial passages and lungs. In this way, smokers suffer excessive persistent coughs with trouble breathing. Also, they produce more phlegm and mucus from their throat. Many journals state that it has a similar effect as tobacco.

Mechanism of infection: 

What happens in our body is that THC affects the lungs and then enters into the bloodstream. After that, it spreads all over the body. The chemical in marijuana increases the heart rate by 50 minutes, and the heart beat lasts for three hours. If you look into it precisely, you will notice that it is way more than a normal heart rate. That is the reason why smokers are more prone to heart diseases and heart attacks. Apart from the different heart diseases, it disrupts the heart rhythms disorders and causes a stroke. In people who have no history of heart diseases, it creates several risk factors for them as well. A study suggested that marijuana causes an imbalance of heart rates and increases the risk of acute coronary syndrome that causes several other problems due to interrupted blood flow in the heart. For this purpose, you should be careful when consuming it.

Prevalence in pregnant mothers: 

Many distressing risks were detected in pregnant women who consumed more marijuana. Consuming marijuana in the smoke pot can cause long-lasting harm to the child’s memory. Furthermore, the potential damage in utero can cause the toxins carried away in breast milk and into the infant during breastfeeding. So, it is preferred not to use marijuana products during pregnancy because it can cause serious harm to the kid. For more information, you can contact your doctor.