Decorating Your Home within Door Plants: Avoid these 5 Mistakes


Decorating your home with In-door Plants increases your home value and gives you a relaxed environment. However, this can be short-lived if you don’t know how to care for them. Most people make mistakes were taking care of the plants, and when they realize it’s too late and the plant has dried up or is dead. It’s also great to avoid mistakes to ensure they are healthy and glowing. This article will outline the mistakes you should avoid when decorating your home.

  1. Assuming all types of Fertilizers Good

Most people think that all the fertilizer on the market is suitable for all plants. Every fertilizer has its own composition of the nutrients it contains. It is essential that you research the fertilizer that fits your plants, noting their condition. You can consider using perlite to help enrich the plants’ soil with oxygen. Avoid giving your plants excess fertilizer as it will harm them. You can also consider making custom fertilizer from kitchen scraps, which will benefit your plant.

  1. Storing Your Plants Outside

In-door plants should be treated with care and stored in the house as that’s where they are meant to stay. Most people mistake assuming they are plants and neglect to care for them by placing them outside. Others try to skip the responsibilities of watering their plants by placing them outside. This will only destroy your plant and spoil the beauty of your room. Plants in the room make the place look lively, and without the plants, your room might look like a void.

  1. Failure to Expose Your Plants to Enough Light

The biggest mistake people make is assuming that indoor plants don’t require light. Plants require quality sunlight to make their food. However, since the sunlight cannot penetrate all the corners of your room, you can choose to use fluorescent as the light can still work effectively. You should also avoid exposing your plants to direct sunlight as it might harm the plant.

  1. Moving The Plants Around Often

People love to change the positions of the plant to try to give their rooms different styles. However, moving the plant around can be stressful for the plant. This is because the plants adapt to the environment, with helps them to grow accordingly. When you move, it might have difficulty adapting, which can affect its health. If you are planning to move a plant, try making the new place as comfortable as the initial place. This way, your plant will be able to adapt quickly.

  1. Watering Carelessly

Yes. Most people water their plants carelessly without minding if the water is very cold or hot. The best suitable temperature of water for your plants is 20 degrees census. You should always be careful to avoid too hot water as it will kill the plant by damaging its roots and stem. Also, giving your plant too cold water can lead to plant dormancy, affecting its growth. You should also give your plants moderate water as overwatering your plants. Consider noting the species of your indoor plant and know how much water it requires for its growth.

Bottom Line!

Take good care of your plants by avoiding the mistakes above. You should also avoid overcrowding your plants, which will mess up the decoration and kill them as they compete for the limited resources.

Thomas Jacob

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