Canadian Visa For Indians – The Complete Guide


Travelling to Canada is an experience of a lifetime. From exploring the picturesque snow-clad mountains to immersing oneself in a diverse experience, Canada has a lot to offer.

However, as an Indian travelling to Canada, here’s what you need to know about applying for a Canada Visa for Indians and procuring travel insurance Canada for a seamless experience.

There are several types of visas that Indians can apply for to visit Canada, depending on the purpose of their visit. These include:

  • Business Visa: A visa specifically for individuals who own a business, and their trade can benefit the government.
  • Temporary Resident Visa: This is a visa that allows Indians to visit Canada for a specific purpose, such as tourism, visiting friends or family, or studying.
  • Study Permit: This is a visa that allows Indians to study in Canada at an approved educational institution.
  • Work Permit: This is a visa that allows Indians to work in Canada on a temporary basis.
  • Permanent Resident Visa: This visa allows Indians to permanently live and work in Canada.

To apply for a Canada visa from India, citizens must submit an application to IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) along with any required documents. The processing time for Canada visa for Indian applications varies depending on the visa type and the applicant’s location.

Canada Visa Requirement

For a Tourist Visa to Canada, the following requirements are mandatory.

  • The visitor should have a valid Indian passport.
  • The visitor should specify the purpose of the visit and the duration.
  • The visitor must furnish details about work experience in the respective country.
  • The visitor needs to submit proof of income per month or year to meet the expenses in Canada.
  • The visitor must also submit a thorough crime status report.

Critical Documents

  • A scanned copy of the passport.
  • A soft copy of the photograph and signature in the case of online submission of the form.
  • Credit/debit card for payment.
  • Cash in case of offline application.
  • A blank page on the passport.
  • Professionals need to submit a soft copy of the earning proof.
  • If travelling on a visit to a relative, a relevant letter needs to be furnished.
  • Marriage certificate if the applicant is married.
  • Detail of current immigration status if applying from another country.
  • Proof of financial support if the applicant is not working.

It’s important to note that the Canadian government may require Indians to undergo a medical examination as part of the visa application process. In addition, Indians must meet certain eligibility criteria to be granted a visa and may need to provide evidence of their ties to their home country and their plans for returning after their visit to Canada.

Travel Insurance

It is generally a good idea for Indians visiting Canada to purchase travel insurance in India to protect themselves in case of any unexpected events, such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost or stolen luggage.

Many travel insurance policies are available, and the right one for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. Some things to consider when shopping for travel insurance include:

  • The length of your trip: Ensure you have coverage for the entire duration of your visit to Canada.
  • The activities you’ll be engaging in: If you are participating in activities like skiing or snowboarding, you may need to purchase additional coverage to protect yourself in case of an accident.
  • Your medical coverage: If you already have a medical insurance policy, you’ll want to ensure it provides adequate coverage for your trip to Canada. If not, you may need to purchase a travel insurance policy that includes medical coverage.
  • The coverage limits: Make sure the policy you choose has coverage limits that meet your needs.

Travelling to Canada is an exciting experience. Make it hassle-free and stress-free by planning and organising your documentation and buying travel insurance.

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